Water Analysis






Aqua-Fine, Inc. is a full service water treatment company. We offer:

1. FREE SIX POINT WATER ANALYSIS to determine the appropriate water treatment system for your home. All water samples that need to be tested for heavy metals, bacteria and contaminants are sent to Applied Analytical in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The free analysis measures:
Water Cooler1. Iron
2. TDS (total dissolved solids)
3. Hardness
4. Ph level
5. Tannins
6. Nitrates

2. SALES, SERVICE & RENT TO OWN programs for water softeners, iron filters and reverse osmosis drinking systems.


4. AFFORDIBLE filter change service

5. COMPLETE LINE OF FITLERS for both generic and name brand Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems. EcoWater, Culligan, Cuno and Water Factory. Bring in your old filters or the brand name and model number, we may be able to order your filters for less than what your paying now!