About Us

Aqua-Fine, Inc. is a second generation, family owned business, established in 1974 to service the lakeshore community of West Michigan with all their water treatment needs. At that time, both residential and commercial water concerns were minimal and solved with relatively simple equipment. As the years passed and the water quality slowly deteriorated, the people of the industry have seen the growing concern in both the residential and commercial markets. Both markets both demand better quality water for drinking, general house hold use, and manufacturing processes. Along with the growing demand for better quality water came great strides in the technology to meet these demands.


In 1980 Aqua-Fine, Inc. became the authorized dealer for Miracle Water Systems. Since that time Miracle Water, Lindsay Water and Service Soft have merged into the company that is now known as EcoWater Systems. EcoWater Systems is now the largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems in the world, manufacturing one out of every four water treatment products on the market today. Based in St. Paul Minnesota, Ecowater Systems now has facilities in Canada, Belgium, China and the United Kingdom. With over 30 years experience in the water treatment industry and backed by the largest manufacturer in the industry, we are confident that we can handle all your water treatment needs.