Water Coolers

Since day one, Aqua-Fine, Inc., has used Oasis brand Bottle and Point of Use Water Coolers. Their quality and style far surpasses our competition. Many of the first bottled water coolers are still in use today, some over 10 years old.

What is the difference between Bottled Water Coolers and Point of Use Water Coolers?

Point of Use Water CoolerA (POU) Point of Use water cooler has self-contained filtration systems. It can use standard sediment and carbon filters or it may contain a reverse osmosis drinking system. The systems require the plumbing of the source water, a drain, and electricity.
The Point of Use systems are not recommended for well water. They should only be used on Municipal water supplies that meet all state and federal guidelines.


Bottled WaterA Bottled Water Cooler is a dispenser using Bottled Water as its water source. They come in either room temperature and cold or hot and cold versions. They require a standard 110 volts outlet.